Final fantasy-Beginner’s guide

Most video game fans have probably heard of the final fantasy game.  The game can be intimidating if you are a new comer.  It has strange game play systems and will probably be overwhelming if you haven’t played it before.  Final fantasy games have become famous over the past few years, some more than others.  The games are based on a war ravaged hero or heroes who have to fight and defeat a powerful enemy against all odds.

Final fantasy games are well known for their large packed worlds, lovely music and interesting settings. You have the freedom to collect items throughout the game like weapons and customise the character’s skills. You can also play the mini games and side quests in the final fantasy game as you work your way towards reaching the end goal. There are fighting games, musical rhythm games and racing games in final fantasy, among other game types.

There are two main components to this game; the battle sections and the field sections. The field sections require you to move the character you chose around the towns, and the dungeons. You should also move around the larger map that connects all these places together.  While you are moving throughout the game, you can talk to people in various towns, collect treasures I different areas and also go into the shops to purchase weapons and other needed items.  You will also encounter some random people who are your invisible enemies along the way.

Taking down the invisible enemies in not a big deal; you can give orders to your character like magic, using items or make them attack the enemies.  You and the enemies, together with both of your teams will take turns attacking each other, defending and also healing. The team that loses their health points completely during the battle is considered as the looser. In this case, if you lose the game will start again from the point where you had saved it.

Final fantasy does require some level of skill in order to play. One of the biggest challenges in the game is resource management. If you do not manage the resources well, you will not last a long time into the game and may start over from a really low point. Some people waste their resources by using all their spell points in one battle; which they may probably end up losing. Others spend all they have on useless items and extra potions when they really cannot afford them. Strategies like exiting a dungeon, restocking and trying another battle will probably leave you with nothing to defend yourself with in other battles.

Keep in mind that not all the strategies will work well with every game. Some mechanics are good for multiple games but they are not useful in most of them. for instance, final fantasy games that involve battle and filed sections will work well with almost similar strategies and tactics. Some people follow formulas to get to higher stages on the games but it may not work well for you if you cannot create your own strategies at some point.