Final fantasy – frequently asked questions

Some people describe final fantasy as the cross between a monster hunting game and the famous phantasy start online. Final fantasy games come in multiple varieties and have changed tremendously over the years. ‘

Here are some common FAQ’S about final fantasy

Is the game challenging?

The main reason the game was created is to be fun with endless collections, hunting and also consistencies from the first few games. People who have played previous versions of final fantasy can tell you that adventuring across the map is one of the easiest tasks in the game. The monsters you are supposed to hunt in final fantasy will drop some hints here and there making it quite an easy game. There are a few challenges when you are fighting some of the monsters but with the right tactics you can get over it easily.

Do you need healers and buffers?

In most parts of the game, you are travelling through an open map and you will not require any healing powers. This is because killing the monsters is fast and you may not get hurt in the process. However, at some point in the game you will get into some boss attacks. The mechanics of boss attacks are different and some can injure you very badly. In some cases, one hit will kill you instantly. A healer will help you stay alive during your battle with the boss. Buffers wear off fast when you are playing in the early levels of the game.

How can you obtain skills, abilities and equipment in the game?

Talking to crystals in the centre of your town will help you understand all your abilities. All abilities of your character are listed there. You use crystal points that you earn from questioning to get the crystals.

Is mastering a class easy?

It all depends on the class you want to master. Typically you can complete several quests of the classes you want to master in the game. To be safe, you can do as many as 10 classes. Once you finish the classes, you will unlock a quest for the class. Completing the quest will help you master the class and your abilities.

Is which pets are more convenient?

Different pets work on different cost systems. Some pets will cost more than others; the more the pets cost the greater abilities they have. You can check out the cost of the monster before you make any kind of purchase. Pets are helpful in defeating some of the enemies in the game.

How does one unlock higher skill levels?

Just like any other console game, final fantasy is unlocked thorough progressing through the stories. This game is an open world that includes choosing your own character and following minor and major quests to get all the benefits. While you progress through the levels, you go through a variety of weapons that will help you complete the next level.  Higher levels skills include new powers, new amours and greater enemies. The higher you go on a level the more difficult it becomes.