How start the final fantasy game 

Final fantasy games are numerous and come in many styles. No matter how you want to play the games, there is always a point where you should start. Some final fantasy games are sequins and reboots of previous games but you will always sigh up the same way.

Here is how to play final fantasy

The first step is always to create your character

If you are playing a sequel, you have to create an improved character from the previous one you had in the game. When you are playing the game, you have some few options in the character creation. Improving your character from previous game is a good strategy. Since you know how the character plays in the game, and the type of powers you will need for certain battles; the game is going to be way easier for you.

For people trying to play a sequel or another level of the previous games, you can be able to retain the skills and inventory you had once you completed the game. You can change everything about the character, including the name and appearance but you will still have all the weapons you had. Keep in mind that it is not mandatory for you to play a previous version of the specific game.

Select the race and gender of your character

Note that the gender of the character does not affect the ability of the game. You can choose any gender you like and they will all play the same depending on your skills and strategies. You have the option to choose from a variety of races, each race having their own unique looks in the game. Also, the race of the character does impact your statistics on the game.

 Even so, the impact is so minimal and will only affect your stats at the beginning of the game. Some races in the game can only be purchased once you reach certain levels and also have some weapons in that level. For instance, AuRa can only be selected if you have stormblood expansions and Heavensward.  You can also choose a clan but that will impact your statistics also. The impact of choosing the clan is long term and will affect your statistics largely. It is probably wise to think twice before you make a final decision.

Customise the appearance

After you have chosen the right gender and race for your character, you may also want to adjust the appearances. You can make the choice between a default appearance or random appearance or you can make the specific changes on the game. Hair styles and eye colors are some of the many appearance options you have.

Choose your class

The class you select will largely determine how the game will start out. The class affects the weapon use, your role in the battles and the kind of abilities you will have in the game. The class also determines the types of amours and clothes you can access as you progress through the games. As you continue to progress through more levels, you get more classes to chose from and different jobs for your character.