How to battle effectively – final fantasy 

How to battle effectively – final fantasy

Starting a level on final fantasy is only the tip of the iceberg. The game may be fun, but also requires some tactical thinking; especially when you proceed to a higher level. You would think that an attack strategy will hand you in a higher level in the game but that is completely wrong.  Just like you have some enemies, there are people in the game who will consider you as their enemies and will attack you even before you begin.

Follow these steps for an effective battle in final fantasy

Learn your character’s skills from the class

Learning skills from your class will help you learn how to fight better and have more skills. The class gives you powerful moves you can use in your defence. The best way to learn all those skills is by levelling with your character. Levelling helps you to become better fighter in the game.  The skills are divided into three main categories; the role actions, actions and traits.

Action skills are activated and can be activated into job and class actions. Job actions are used once you have progressed and unlocked the required levels while class actions are available from the beginning of the class level and as you progress through the other levels. Role actions are not very unique skills and can be shared through several roles.

The tank, DPS and healer roles have valuable actions; they are unique and can be assigned to the actions slot in the role menus. Classes can help you acquire ten role actions but roles like jobs only have 5.  Traits are eerily similar to actions. The difference is, they are passive abilities. They are always taking place in the game. Classes and jobs can get traits, some more than others.

Avoid the enemy attacks

When you are battling enemies, it is wise that you stay out of the way of some of their attacks. For instance, if your skill is to be a ranged fighter, ensure you stay ranged as much as you can. If you are looking to fight with your enemy, observe the area fro signals from the game before you proceed. Glowing shapes in the grounds around you are your enemies’ attack areas. The glow will show up right before your enemy tries to attack you. Bright colored shapes are a warning of danger and it is best to get away from the area as fast as you can.

Working with a teammate

There is a very significant change between working alone and working with other people when it comes to final fantasy. Other people will help you defeat your enemies more than you can do it on your own. Different classes have their own difficulties ad strengths; players who are from different classes will help each other balance these two. When you are working as a team, defeating and dispatching your enemies will be fasters and easier.

Game features like marking the enemies will help you fight them much easier. A limit gauge helps you heal you friends and deal with the damage while you unlock special moves at the same time.