Playing final fantasy – how to start and progress through the game

Final fantasy has been around for years but not everybody has played the game before. In the last century, the game has progressed through many different game types and levels. Final fantasy games are well known for their unique play, characters and amazing music. Overall, the game is created to be cognitive and fun for the players.

How do you play the game?

Once you have downloaded the final fantasy game, the first thing you should do is read through the requirements and agreements. The next step is to create a character you will have fun playing with throughout the game. The character can be male or female and there are many clans and races you can choose from. Once you have customised the character, it is time to play the game.

Do not go straight to the game

Just like any other complex games, playing the final fantasy tutorial is crucial. It contains very useful information that will help you understand the game better. When you are playing the tutorial, you should be keen and try not to skip through the information that pops up on the screen or you may miss something useful. The game has progressed over the years; this means that if you played the older versions you may still not understand the controls in the new games. The tutorial will also help you set up the controller if you are playing on your computer.

Check out the adventurous areas in the game

Even though the levels have different cities it is best to explore the first few levels. This will help you get acquainted in the basics if the game. In every city, there is an adventurous area which you should explore. The cities are also encountered at the end of the tutorial. You will be able to meet the different characters, acquire all the quests and get the information you need about the game.

 Complete the first quest – do not forget to visits the class guide

Some people always try to skip the initial quests because they deem them as unimportant; especially people who have played other final fantasy games before. Visiting the class guide and playing the initial quests are important. They introduce you to very crucial information that everyone needs about the game. They also give you important information and an experience that will help you become good at the game. It will boost your character and make them strong enough to engage in self defence while you are playing in the main quests.

Finally, ensure you complete the main quests

Many people do not understand this, but the quest is a large part of the main story in final fantasy. Just like the other quests in the game, your main quests will be marked with a button that hovers around your character’s head. The main quests are easy to differentiate from other levels in the game because they have a specific button. The quests help you in leveling up your powers, weapons and amours for a higher level in the game.